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If you would like to contribute to this web site, we are happy to give you all the credit you deserve and provide you with a highly-visible link back to your web site. We do, however, insist that your contribution is clearly in the public domain: This means that you either made the image or graphic yourself, and therefore have the right to put it in the public domain, or that you can provide other documentation to prove that it is in the public domain already.  Most pictures on the Internet are not in the public domain and although copying from other web sites or news groups is rampant, it is still illegal.

In the last few years the Internet has become extremely commercial. We aim to reduce this trend, to try and bring the Internet closer to its original philosophy of providing free communication and free resources. Unfortunately, the word "free" is currently misused on a massive scale and, if you regularly browse around on the Internet for free pictures, you find that almost every web master is now putting up disclaimers about the use of their "free" resources. We hope that you will consider putting some or all of your pictures and graphics in the public domain. And if you do, we promise to help you  promote your site. Or if you don't have a site, to give you credit were credit is due.

N.B. Even if a web master puts each individual picture on their web site in the public domain, they do not automatically also give away the rights to the collection and to the way they have organized and presented the collection. So, if you find a web site with public domain pictures, be fair and don't misuse their generosity. 

If you would like to contribute to this site or if you just want to provide some feedback to help us improve our pages, please,