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There are many ways to further spruce up your web site. Lots of web sites use fancy Java scripts or Dynamic HTML features. Others make extensive use of CGI scripts. Sprucing up your web site is, however, the least important function of these more advanced web development tools. Their use in improving the "stickiness" of your site is much more important. 

Stickiness is the measure of your web site's capability to keep any visitors browsing within your site, and it's capability to turn most of your first-time visitors into repeat visitors. Web resources such as discussion boards and chat rooms are the most popular ways of providing stickiness to your web site.

Personally, I think that using Java script on your pages is a very dangerous thing to do and should be limited to only the most simple functions. The chance that something goes wrong, and your code will not work in some of the many browsers in use today, is just too great. There is nothing worse than viewing a site and ending up with an error message. Don't let that happen on your site.

If you have a web site with access to your own cgi bin you can find many well written free scripts on the Internet to provide you with powerful extensions to your web site. You still have to install them, however, and update them when new versions and bug-fixes become available. An easier way is to use ready made web site "plug ins" hosted on their own providers site. No more worries and minimal maintenance.