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Traffic generation

So you just finished your first web site and now you need to get the traffic going. A web site without visitors is a dead web site, so you need to generate traffic. The best traffic generators are still the major search engines, but it's not always easy to get in the top 10 for those keywords that are relevant for your web site.

The second best option is to exchange links with other web sites, that do have visitors. It's worth a try but, for a high traffic site to be interested, your site contents will need to be extremely attractive.

If you have enough money, you can always buy advertising on other web sites. If you don't want to spend your money, but have enough time to browse the Internet, you could join a traffic generation program.

Join ClickThru

There is really only one worthwhile traffic generation program, the ClickThru Network . This traffic generator program enables you to receive credits for visiting its members web sites. These credits can then be used to get guaranteed visitors to your web site.


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