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International Get Paid to Surf Programs 

Although the majority of get paid to surf programs are still restricted to the USA, there are now several international programs willing to pay you, when you allow them to display small add banners on your screen while you are surfing the web. Even more important, these programs will also pay you for all the people that sign up through your web site. Every time these people are online with their viewbar active, you will get a few cents. This makes get paid to surf programs the best way to make money from your website, if you do not yet get enough visitors to attract major sponsors.

The Top International Get Paid To Surf programs

A good paid to surf program, with a nice installation. However, it will regularly stop showing banners and require you to click on a continue button. I suppose this will make sure that you keep on looking at their advertising, but I may annoy your downline and reduces your income.
This is in my view the second best get-paid-to-surf program. Getpaid4 pays its members for up to 75 hours per month and you will be considered active for as long as you regularly move your mouse. Hence, you and your downline can get paid even when playing games.
A nice program with a reliable viewbar at the bottom.of your screen.  The payout is not yet that terrific, but a nice one to add to your list. 

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