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More free animations from Oz-ESmart

The animations on this page are free, gratis. A word of warning though, these 3D animations are larger than normal animated gifs and will take some time to load over a slow modem.

This animation is useful when you have a special offer that is available for a limited time only. It has a white background, so will only look good on those pages where a white empty space does not distract from the rest of the page design.
A nice animation for your home page. The background of this animation is transparent, but will look best on a page with a white textured background.

The 3D animations on this page are free for use on your personal or business pages. They may not be redistributed in any way and may not be included in any repositories of free animations or pictures. Please do not link directly to the animation on these pages, but copy them to your own web site.

If you would like a customized version of these animations with your own text, color or background, please contact for a price indication.