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Banner exchange programs

You use a banner exchange program to slowly increase the number of visitors to your site. They do not generate much traffic when you are just starting, but they help bringing in extra visitors when your site traffic starts to finally take off. To bring in a single new visitor you may have to display other people's banners to several hundreds of your existing visitors. If you don't have those visitors in the first place, joining a banner exchange will not help you.

We are currently participating in several international banner exchanges. We will only report on the ones that really helped us to get traffic. Some of these banner exchange programs have referal programs, giving me extra 10% of the credits for banners displayed on sites that joined from my pages.

International Banner exchanges

We have had our best results until now with Net-on banner exchange and Linkbuddies. These banner exchanges have many features allowing you to bring more traffic to your site and generated an excellent response on our banners. The Net-on banner exchange has a better exchange rate. One of the best features of these two banner exchanges is an excellent referal program. If you signup new members from your pages, you will get extra credits based on the number of banners they display.

If you want to make it on your own, and are not interested in creating your own downline with Linkbuddies or Free banners, try bizway. They offer a very generous exchange ratio of 1:1, i.e. after an initial period they will show one of your banners for every banner you display for them. Unfortunately, their other features are still minimal. But they say they are still working on it.

Australian Banner exchanges

If you have a site specifically targeted at Australian visitors, you'll need an Australian banner exchange. We joined the Linkaustralia on several of our sites.

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